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Fashion Girls Clothing

fashion girls clothing

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fashion girls clothing - Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein "Heart in Hand" 3-Piece Outfit (Sizes 2T - 4T) - assorted colors, 3t

Calvin Klein "Heart in Hand" 3-Piece Outfit (Sizes 2T - 4T) - assorted colors, 3t

For superior style and quality, choose this 3-piece outfit from Calvin Klein! All items are made of soft and warm materials for the ultimate in chilly weather comfort. Includes: Jacket: French terry, motorcycle cut, angled zipper placket, zip pockets, embroidered logo at back collar. L/S T-Shirt: soft jersey, tagless collar interior, girl with hearts springing from her hand, tulle accent on girl's skirt, glitter highlights. Tutu Leggings: soft tulle tutu, elastic waistband, embroidered logo at cuff. All Items 100% Cotton Machine Wash Cold Made in Bangladesh

86% (6)

Chelsea Darling Fashion (NEW VERSION) (View large!!!!)

Chelsea Darling Fashion (NEW VERSION) (View large!!!!)

Winter Fashions, Edinburgh Meadows and Edinburgh Queen Street.
Ok this shot was already very flirty and had that dont mess with me attitude. I decided i wanted to try more photoshop craziness to highlight the fact that its winter but she is warm because of the coat, hence the ice and fire theme. I decided to use almost a halo of fire to go with the gorgeous red hair.

Skin retouch layer,
Skin blur layer with mask,
Urban Acid layer at 30%
Sepia layer at 30%
The above two layers were masked from the hair to preserve its colour intensity.
Ice layer 1 25% opacity on multiply mode, masked from model.
Ice layer 2 65% opacity on overlay mode again masked so it was only the background.
Imported a Burn layer to darken down background.
Fire layer, transformed and set to screen mode. (70% opacity)
Curves layer 1: Heavy curve adjustment on background
Cuves layer 2: Slight cuve adjustment onto Chelsea, S curve to bring up highlights and darken shadows.
Stars layer set to 75% opacity on screen mode.
Hue adjustment layer 100% opacity
Flatten and save for web.

With the recomendation from Ken Wallace, i brought down the base image exposure to stop her hands being burnt out by the curve and cross process layers. This will prevent them being too much of a distraction.
With the recomendation from Neil Fitzgeral i reduced the opacity of the flames from 100% down to 70% to make them less distracting.

This image took about 1 and a half hours in photoshop.

Chelsea Darling Fashion

Chelsea Darling Fashion

Winter Fashions, Edinburgh Meadows and Edinburgh Queen Street.
Chelsea was a great girl, knew how to act in front of the camera. We had a great makeup artist too!!

Ok so photoshop:
Skin Retouch Layer
Skin Lighten Layer, with mask
Urban acid layer with mask
Background lighten layer with mask
Ice layer with mask to remove ice from chelsea
Curves layer 1, with mask to remove curve from chelsea
Stars and snow flake layer (screen mode 70% opacity), with mask
Hue and Saturation layer, mask onto hair and lips
Curves layer 2, global layer with no mask
Reduce for web.

This took about 35 mins. Its the masking that takes the time really. At some resolutions the stripes on her top may look strange and have swirles etc (see note) These are however a produce to the screens resolution, view large and you can see these are not present.

fashion girls clothing

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