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New fashion trend. Korean fashion for women.

New Fashion Trend

new fashion trend

    fashion trend
  • (FASHION TRENDS) It is the direction in which fashion is moving.

  • A fad, sometimes called a trend, meme or a craze, is any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed with enthusiasm for some period, generally as a result of the behavior's being perceived as novel in some way.Kornblum (2007), p. 213.

new fashion trend - Ethical Clothing

Ethical Clothing - New Awareness or Fading Fashion Trend?

Ethical Clothing - New Awareness or Fading Fashion Trend?

Ethical clothing is the keyword that gives sustainable garments not only a new name, but also a whole new image. The Bio culture is booming and leaving environmental activists and others with the question; can this be seen as just another fading fashion trend or a change of thinking and a sign of awareness? The present thesis relates the textile and clothing sector to environmental threats and reviews its historic development against the background of labour issues. In the further context, ecological and social problems of the conventional textile production are evaluated. In relation to the problems occurring along the textile chain, the major Eco-labels are then discussed and a future outlook is given. The third chapter is dedicated to the comparison of the conventional and ethical production process. This approach is shown in detail by the Life-cycle of a pair of jeans. During the first part of the fourth chapter, studies are reviewed to gain an idea of the future potential for clothing with an added value. Through the second part of the chapter the upcoming changes are linked to textiles and fashion and the question which place sustainability will have on this sector.

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new fashion trend

new fashion trend

Couldn't decide if the guy loved his new hat so much he couldn't wait to wear it, or if this is the genesis or evidence of a new fashion trend.

Woulda gotten a better image, but Matt & I were SO busted by the bus driver mid-shot. Photos are verboten on the MBTA (though there are enough of us scoflaws that there's a flickr group for 'em) so only got the one take, with its motion blur from the ride.

New Fashion Trend in New Hampshire

New Fashion Trend in New Hampshire

...hmm, must be difficult to walk with your pants THAT low...Is New Hampshire not that Puritan after all?

new fashion trend

new fashion trend

OTBT Women's Petaluma Riding Boot,New Brown,7.5 M US

The OTBT Petaluma is yet another fabulous offering from a brand that is making strides in fashion and functionality! These boots are just as versatile as you are, and with a quality construction, they'll last for years of comfy wear. The OTBT Petaluma women's boots feature a luxurious leather upper lined with soft leather for all-day wear, and a foam cushioned footbed for added comfort. Don't sweat the traction; a rubber outsole ensures that's covered. Take your style to a new level in the OTBT Petaluma women's boots!

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